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Checked! Task Pro for Android

SMART task system that combine the best of task management methodologies

Natively Built for Android! The best Task, Note, and Calendar Master from BlackBerry is now available on Android!

Please scroll to near bottom to see information on the Smart Task system - most efficient approach to manage your tasks and projects.

Android Store link


Instructions: Checked! Task Pro Instruction


Current features:

  1. Use Speech to text icon to automatically add new task and calendar entry: e.g. Meet John tomorrow (use keyword similar to Smart Add feature below).
  2. Smart Add featuring category and natural language parsing for extremely fast event creation:
    • Dr appointment on Dec 1, 2016 at 5pm
    • Pick up airport tomorrow
    • Meet John next Monday at 5PM
    • Email Shawn tomorrow
    • @Tax Finish tax in 5 days // Tax is a category
  3. Superb fluid user interface.
  4. Ultimate task and project management application
  • SMART task system - de-cluster your task list and focus on your most important task combining the most popular methodologies: support in-basket features, daily view mode, quickly move items, and more.

Please read on the SMART task system here: Link

  • Daily view to help you manage project, task, and calendars
  • Recurrent task - daily, weekly, etc with customizable settings.
  • View all or specific calendars in Daily and Weekly Calendar View modes
  • Multiple reminder modes
  • Location reminder when you enter or exit a location using location picker or accurate manual latitude or longitude entry
  • Option to quickly delay task by 1 day, 2 days, or 1 week
  • Support Multiple views option: Daily Calendar View, Category View, Outline with Sub Task, Sorted List: Due Date, Priority, Creation Date, Title.
  • Daily Calendar View showing all calendar and task-specific specific entries with quick dismiss & delay event
  • Integrate with Android calendars (supporting many calendar system through Android)
  • Archive option
  • Support multiple check-able lists within each task. Check lists are automatically remembered.
  • Multiple categories
  • Select specific calendar to easily create entry on
  • Option to set default reminder for new event


SMART task system that combine the best of task management methodologies:

The recommended view mode is the Daily View & In-basket mode. Please click on the bottom left button and select the Daily View mode.

When you create a task that doesn't have a due date or not yet assigned a category/project, it will show in your In-Basket. The daily view mode only show items are are due on that day and items that has not been assigned a category or due date.

It is your choice to quickly assign the due date to the task and/or move the task to a category/project. The context menu (click and hold on the task to show) has the quick assign due date features and 3 special categories your can move to:

  1. High – Critical Now
    • Critical Now: tasks that must be done today no matter what…you’d stay late at work for these.
  2. Normal – Opportunity Now
    • Opportunity Now: tasks you would complete within a week and you check them once a daily.
  3. Low – Over the Horizon
    • Over the Horizon: tasks you’d complete when you have time and you check them once a week.

The Daily View (recommended view option) shows only your daily due items and In-Basket tasks (not assigned and no due date) .

Let's say an email comes in on Monday asking to do something by Friday of next week. You can share the email to Task and move the task to Opportunity Now with a Start Date of this coming Friday. Therefore, there's a week to get it done since it’s an Opportunity Now task. It won’t show up on the Daily View task list until Friday of this week since the start date is Friday. If you wanted to give it a higher priority and have it done by Tuesday of next week then you would give it a Start Date of Tuesday with Opportunity Now or you can set it as a Critical Now with a Start Date of next Tuesday so Tuesday morning when you come in it will be high priority (Critical Now) and I must get it done next Tuesday.

Stay ahead of what you have to do and scheduled yourself ample of time!


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