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Checked! Task Pro - Blackberry Instruction

  Checked Instruction I just started working on this page, please send me comments and suggestions that could improve this site. Please note that if you use the Android app, the instruction is similar to the BlackBerry app below. I will create a separate instruction page for Android app soon. Contents 1  Initial Set-up after Installation 2  SMART task system that combine the best of GTD (Getting Things Done) and MYN  3  Smart Add - natural language date parser 4  ***NEW*** Shortcuts 5  Back-up and Restore - How to Transfer data from one device to another 6  BES - Work Space - Add a public app from the BlackBerry World storefront 7  Settings options that will definitely increase your productivity 8  Automatically add email as task 9  Tips on improving performance 10  Add a category 11  Delete a category 12  Keep categories permanently 13  Add sub-task 14  Automatic Synchronize from remember 15  Sort options 16  How to add recurrent task and edit advance calendar detail 17 a

Virtual KVM (Mouse and Keyboard) for Windows + Mac --> Barrier

I use Windows and Mac at the same time... with multiple monitors: 1 on Mac and 2 on Windows. Barrier is one of many applications that allows seamless transition using the same mouse and keyboard on both devices without clicking on a hardware button. It's like you are using the same system.  As per normal pre-caution, please make sure the application you are downloading are safe to use (no guaranty on my end). Configuration Application used: Barrier Network: wifi When Barrier server is setup on Windows and Client is on Mac, the mouse stutters on the Mac System even though I have very fast Wifi Mesh. The best setup is Barrier Server on Mac, and Barrier Client on Windows. SSL Connection problem  You might get into connection issue on initial setup due to SSL not setting up correctly.  [2021-11-03T14:45:49] ERROR: ssl certificate doesn't exist: C:\Users...\AppData\Local\Barrier\SSL\Barrier.pem There are 2 options to fix this: 1. Disable SSL (not recommended) 2. Creat certificate (t

Setting up Mac for Windows users (users that need to be use both Mac + Windows)

My personal usage... please make sure the software you use is safe prior to downloading: AltTab -> Switching windows Change keyboard short to use Control vs Command Mouse setting: disable natural scrolling (make it similar to windows scrolling) Safari View -> Show Favorites Bar App Store: download ad blocker.. I use AdGuard but people said good things about Ghostery BetterTouchControl ( ) Setup back and forward Logitech button (or any other mouse). Normal Mice Tab: Add Key and select the key to replaceBack and Forward button control Terminal: setup Control + C to break the current command (instead of Command + C)

Using Windows Keyboard on Mac Soloma

Most website recommends changing option key to command key and vice-versa. I use Barrier to use the same keyboard and mouse for both Windows and Mac system. My preference is to map Command Key to Control and Control to command. Instructions for MacOS Sonoma: System Settings Keyboard Keyboard Shortcuts Modifier Key Change Command to Control Change Control to Command This allows me to use Ctrl+C, etc. seamlessly.