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Testing the new site! The focus will be on Project Portfolio Management and Software Development. Hope everyone's having a great day!
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Personal Finance with Google Sheet: current and historical net worth tracking with Script

You can build a simple historical net worth / investment tracking tool with Google Sheets without providing your private financial credential to online services. For the historical perspective, you will need to add some simple script to automatically copy the information to the Historical tab. Please note that I added light script below to help you get started. Level of complexity: Medium - need to add/modify script and how to use charts. Knowledge of spreadsheet: High Time: 3 hours High level structure Today tab This is your current financial picture view. An example structure is below. Date:                                        2022-07-23 Assets                                    Investment A                    100,000     // Auto Calculation based on the Investment tab - direct ref. is ok     Investment B                    100,000     // Auto Calculation based on the Investment tab - direct ref. is ok     House A                              500,000     // Manual input once in

Easy way to change image from 4:3 to 16:9 using Ms. Paint while respecting existing image aspect ratio

Assumptions: Height stays the same (only the width changes) Keep original image aspect ratio and keep the image in the middle of the new size image Add black boxes on the 2 sides to respect the exiting image perspective Calculation for the new 16:9 size New width = 16 / 9 multiply by the height (note: we are trying to keep same height) E.g.: original size is 3840 x 2880 (4:3) New width = 16 / 9 * 2880 = 5120 New image size = 5120 x 2880 (16:9) Instruction using Paint to add 2 black bars on the side of the image Goal: increase image size from 3840 x 2880 to 5120 x 2880 First increase image width to 4480 (File -> Image Properties) Rotate 180 degrees <- this is the main trick :) Increase width to 5120 Use Fill tool to fill the 2 sizes with Black (or whichever color you like) Rotate 180 degrees to get back to the original format ---------------------- Just another note for my future reference :).

Windows Storage Space - cheap method for a simple software RAID 1 (2-way mirror) and cold storage backup

Just documenting for my own future reference so I don't need to re-google. Upgrade the space in Microsoft Storage Space To keep the cost down, I started with 2 drives that are of different sizes initially: 1TB and 2TB Once the Storage Space is almost full, I buy another drive that is double the size of my largest drive. In this case: 4TB. Remove the 1TB drive physically and keep it in cold storage with posted note on it. In the worst case scenario that the mirror system is gone and I lost both main drives (thief, Ms. Storage Space gone wrong, etc.), I have a smaller out-dated backup in place that I can rebuild. Note: DO NOT use the remove drive option on Windows as you will remove all data on the drive Once the storage space is full, I add another drive to the storage space that is double the size of my largest drive to change to a 2TB and 4TB pairs (can only use up to maximum of 2TB). I use this system to keep the cost down - e.g. only need to upgrade 1 drive at a time. Warning: T

Passive incomes and discounts for Low Income Seniors in Canada

In the past few weeks, I have been helping a few low income seniors in the community managing their finances. The price increases due to inflation have such a large impact on their finance and quality of life. I'm documenting some findings below if you are helping low income seniors in the community.  Internet and TV Discounts Rogers Connected For Success program Very low price internet and internet + TV plans. This will reduce the senior's bill significantly.  Requirement Subsidized tenants, seniors, families with children and to individuals receiving disability and income support (e.g. GIS) Limited to specific provinces and territories only Internet-only Plans:  $9.99 + tax for 25Mbps $14.99 + tax for 50Mbps <-  Recommended option $24.99 + tax for 75Mbps  $34.99 + tax for 150Mbps Ignite Internet + Starter TV package:  $39.99 + tax for 25Mbps  $44.99 + tax for 50Mbps  <-  Recommended option $54.99 + tax for 75Mbps  $64.99 + tax for 150Mbps  Ignite Internet + Ignite Flex

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Dummy Text, Filter, and Random Text: Lorem Ipsum

I use dummy text, filter, and random text in document template, blogging, software development, and testing regularly. There are quite a few tips and tricks on generating this type of random texts.  You can use some of the methods on the list below to generate the text or simply copy the text from this post. Dummy Text, Filter, and Random Text for Software Development/Testing Dummy text is generally used in software development for testing purpose. The tester or developer fill a space where the content will eventually sit. The standard dummy text used is usually Lorem Ipsum. Dummy Text, Filter, and Random Text Generators Lorem Ipsum Website Generators Google: link Microsoft Word Lorem Ipsum function Type =lorem() Press Enter You can control the number of paragraph and sentences generated by entering more detail: =lorem(paragraph, sentence) For example: =lorem(8, 3) => This will create 8 paragraphs. Each paragraph will have 3 sentences. Tips & Tricks: if you don't have Micros