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Passive incomes and discounts for Low Income Seniors in Canada

In the past few weeks, I have been helping a few low income seniors in the community managing their finances. The price increases due to inflation have such a large impact on their finance and quality of life. I'm documenting some findings below if you are helping low income seniors in the community.  Internet and TV Discounts Rogers Connected For Success program Very low price internet and internet + TV plans. This will reduce the senior's bill significantly.  Requirement Subsidized tenants, seniors, families with children and to individuals receiving disability and income support (e.g. GIS) Limited to specific provinces and territories only Internet-only Plans:  $9.99 + tax for 25Mbps $14.99 + tax for 50Mbps <-  Recommended option $24.99 + tax for 75Mbps  $34.99 + tax for 150Mbps Ignite Internet + Starter TV package:  $39.99 + tax for 25Mbps  $44.99 + tax for 50Mbps  <-  Recommended option $54.99 + tax for 75Mbps  $64.99 + tax for 150Mbps  Ignite Internet + Ignite Flex

New Site

Testing the new site! The focus will be on Project Portfolio Management and Software Development. Hope everyone's having a great day!