Checked! Task Pro - Android Instruction

Initial Set-up after Installation

1. Click on top-left-menu, go to settings and select your default calendar that you allow the application to add calendar entry to.

2. Go to Application Settings and visit some of the setting that will improve your productivity.

3. Read the SMART task system bullet point and the Smart Add bullet point in this guide.

SMART task system that combine the best of GTD (Getting Things Done) and MYN

The recommended view mode is the Daily View & In-basket mode. Please click on the bottom left button and select the Daily View mode.

When you create a task that doesn't have a due date or not yet assigned a category/project, it will show in your In-Basket. The daily view mode only show items are are due on that day and items that has not been assigned a category or due date.

It is your choice to quickly assign the due date to the task and/or move the task to a category/project. The context menu (click and hold on the task to show) has the quick assign due date features and 3 special categories your can move to:

High – Critical Now

Normal – Opportunity Now

Low – Over the Horizon

Critical Now: tasks that must be done today no matter what…you’d stay late at work for these.

Opportunity Now: tasks you would complete within a week and you check them once a daily.

Over the Horizon: tasks you’d complete when you have time and you check them once a week.

The Daily View (recommended view option) shows only your daily due items and In-Basket tasks (not assigned and no due date) .

Let's say an email comes in on Monday asking to do something by Friday of next week. You can share the email to Task and move the task to Opportunity Now with a Start Date of this coming Friday. Therefore, there's a week to get it done since it’s an Opportunity Now task. It won’t show up on the Daily View task list until Friday of this week since the start date is Friday. If you wanted to give it a higher priority and have it done by Tuesday of next week then you would give it a Start Date of Tuesday with Opportunity Now or you can set it as a Critical Now with a Start Date of next Tuesday so Tuesday morning when you come in it will be high priority (Critical Now) and I must get it done next Tuesday.

Stay ahead of what you have to do and scheduled yourself ample of time.

Smart Add - natural language date parser

On the Smart Add text input, type in the name and the date in natural English and the application automatically add the event date. For example: Meet Ha tomorrow. Dr. Doe appointment on Jul 25 3PM. Go to school the day after tomorrow. Meet John tomorrow at 5PM. Dr Appt on Fri

There will be a auto-disappear toast after you add the item with event using Smart Add. It will let you visually confirm if the event time in the natural parser is correct or not. If no time specify the system will input as 9AM.

Please try these combinations:

  • Dr appointment on Dec 1, 2016 at 5pm
  • Pick up airport tomorrow
  • Meet John next Monday at 5PM
  • Email Shawn tomorrow
  • @Tax Finish tax in 5 days // Tax is a category

Without a time specified, the system automatically uses 9AM

***NEW*** Shortcuts

The short-cut below are not available on Android yet. I will make them available after I have access to the BlackBerry Priv for ANdroid.

If you wish to have additional shortcut or if certain shortcut does not make sense, please let me know.

- Main Screen:

- Find/Search: f

- Delete: del (delete button on keyboard)

- Recent: r (access recent items)

- Auto-Save Note: n (can open autosave note page from everywhere)

- Go to Daily View: d

- Go to category view: c

- Go to Outline mode: o

- Go to Sorted list: s

- Go to High Priority: h

- Go to Opportunity Now - normal priority: o

- Go to Low Priority - Over the horizon: l

- Within Item Detail page

- Edit: e

- Edit with auto-save Note: n

- Delete item: del (Delete button on keyboard)

- Archive Item: a

- Share: s

- Set/Unset favorite: f

- Go back: b

- Within Daily View mode:

- Go to next day: n

- Go to previous day: p

- Go to today: t

- Go Back: b (Go back from Item detail, High Priority, Low Priority, Normal Priority, Completed, Archived, Recent, Search page, etc.)

Back-up and Restore - How to Transfer data from one device to another

*Coming soon*

This feature is not yet available.

If BlackBerry Link doesn't do the transfer of Application and Application Data automtaically, please use the back up and restore feature in the BlackBerry to transfer.


0. In your new device, set up your default calendar by going to Task Pro -> Application Settings (slide from top down -> settings -> select a calendar to use)

1. In your old BlackBerry, open task, go to application setting by sliding from top down, select back up. Pick the location for your backup

2. Copy the back up file to your new Blackberry device

3. Open Task Pro in your new Device, select restore, select the file you wish to restore on your new device

Please let me know if there are any questions or concerns.

Settings options that will definitely increase your productivity

To open application setting, slide from top down and select Settings

There are many setting options that will increase your productivity that are not enabled by default. Please consider enabling them. Below are just a few of setting options that might interest you:

  • Default project option: in application setting, you can specify a default category to assign the task to when creating a new task

  • Default reminder option: for all task you created, you can set a default reminder to be every 1 day, etc...

  • Show all or pick only a default calendar to show in the Daily View

Following feature will be implemented in the future:

  • Auto carry-forward due items

  • Share text to checked option: you can share text to check with many different option such as smart-add, items, to-do, etc.

  • Auto delete all completed items every 24 hours : use this option to auto clean up your application and improve performance. Please use this option with care since if you mistakenly set your item as completed every 24 hours all completed items will be deleted automatically.

Automatically add email as task

If your email subject ends with @t or @t, the application will automatically picks up the email and add as task. For @l to work, your email must be sent as plain text.

@t - body of email will be add in the description

  • Buy milk @t
  • If the email as the above as the subject, you will have a new task: Buy Milk

@l - add the item in the body of emails as check-able list - must be sent as plain-text instead of HTML:

  • In the subject: Today to buy list @l
  • In the body line by line with carriage return:
  • 2 bags of milk
  • Salmon
  • Salad
  • The application will automatically create a today to buy list task with "check-able" 3 list items in the bullet point above.

Add a category

In the edit item or add item page, click on the Category icon and just type in or select an existing category.

Delete a category

The application will automatically clean up the category. If you deleted the last item associated with the category or remove the category from the item, the application will auto delete the category.

Sort options

Click on the top left menu icon to view the sort options. The application will remember the last sort option.