Checked! Task Pro - BlackBerry 10

Rated Best Task application on BB 10

Rated Best Calendar Add-on on BB 10

Rated Best Note Taker on BB 10

Instructions: Checked Instruction

Built for Blackberry Designation with over 170 five stars reviews!

New features:

  1. Auto-save Note feature - fastest note entry
  2. Headless support for automatic synchronization with Remember
  3. Business/task template: create task template for each of your customers, supplier, business contact and quickly generate new task base on the template - using the new duplicate task feature (waiting for Blackberry approval)
  4. New archive feature to help you organize notes/task without clustering your primary view
  5. Now support GTD - Getting Things Done and MYN task methodologies - combined both methodology into the new SMART system.
  6. New Daily View showing all calendar entries and Task-specific entries


  1. Select specific Calendar to use with your task application in setting option
  2. Sub Task in Outline mode supporting multiple layers and sub tasks, each with its own event time, due date, attachment, etc.
  3. Smart Add featuring natural language parsing for automatic reminder creation such as:
    1. Finish tax in 5 days
    2. Dr Johns appointment on Dec 1 at 5pm
    3. Pick up sister at airport tomorrow
  4. Smart Recurring task feature with settings such as daily at every x day, weekly at every x week with customizable day settings.
  5. Project/Category view option with many features such as Add to Project, default Project features, etc.
  6. Support multiple default view option: Outline mode, Project/Feature, Priority, Creation Date, Due Date mode, etc.
  7. Fully integrated to Remember and Evernote
  8. Fully integrated with Google Calendar, BlackBerry® Calendar and reminder. All in one shop for your needs!
  9. Support Exchange Outlook and Exchange Outlook Task (BES user only). I recommend setting default category feature for Exchange Task - otherwise non-category task is not sync to Outlook.
  10. Integrated audio record feature allowing recording audio and writing note at the same time.
  11. Archive feature to help you organize notes/task without clustering your primary view
  12. Record multiple audios per note
  13. Voice to Text feature (click and hold on the Microphone)
  14. Attach and view any file type
  15. Smart Search, Smart List, Smart Photo, and Smart Search feature
  16. Many more features for your discovery.